I have decided to run again for Mayor of the City of Lawrence because of the total lack of administrative and managerial criteria in the Office of the Mayor in the last years. This lack of vision has certainly affected the lives of thousands of people in Lawrence.


I want to be part of the city’s government respecting and taking in consideration the multicultural and multi-ethnic nature of the town, respecting the laws and promoting the common wealth. I want to change the opinion of other communities about Lawrence with facts and hard work.

This is my government plan

  • Respect for the Institutions
    Respect and obey the charter of the city according to how it is written.

    • Set the necessary conditions to allow the co-government with the city council.
    • Respect contract signed between the city and private companies.
    • Implement the Residence Law, that was reviewed and approved by the City Council back in 2015 but never signed.
    • Use the best Human Resources in every department, and also improve the process of hiring by taking deep in consideration academics, veterans, experience, etc.
    • Guarantee that the heritage of the city is not negotiated in the dark in benefit of one single employee or elect official, but in benefit of all the community.
    • Improve the elections department.
    • Get the best relations with the media.
  • Police and Security
    • Establish the real issues causing inefficiencies at the Police Department and apply corrective measures to ensure its mission.
    • Train and instruct all the Police personnel in following rules and laws, respecting minorities but without being permissive.
    • Improve the process of complaints and reports in order to get to know how fast and effectively they are processed.
    • Improve the way the Police Department is using statistics and make it compatible with the National Standards. Share this information with other departments and publications.
    • Make programs of continuous integration between the Police Departments and the community.
    • Keep closing relations between the local Police Department and the State and Federal organizations and institutions.
  • Education: work closely with the School Superintendent in order to improve the education services of the city. Improve working conditions for teachers, including livable wages. Stop cancelling Summer Programs!
  • Administration
    • Make a real city budget taking in consideration the actual needs of the town with a honest realization of all the available means.
    • Reorganize the departments of the city, and take care of their requirements of equipment, personnel, etc.
    • Run a program of study for improving the salaries of the city workers.
    • Unify and simplify the ways people pay for their taxes, and that include online payments.
  • City Services
    • We will order a new transit study for the city, and we’ll follow up its recommendations.
    • We will finally use the vertical signaling that has been stored in the DPW for long time.
    • Solve the issues with the sewers in the most critical parts of the city.
    • Promoting sports among the youth. Also, open more spaces for physical activities and entertainment.
    • Work on a practical study of creating in-door sports facilities.
    • Take over public spaces and consider the use of sponsorships by local businesses and private institutions and individuals.
  • Social Services and Education
    • Using all the media, we will work with the people of Lawrence in order to push citizenship, noise-tolerance limits, cleaning up the city, and more.
    • Create social programs for single mothers and the elderly.
    • Work with institutions and their programs in order to fight addictions and drug use.